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  • HaZ ·
    Yup I can totally believe John did it in one shot, he’s pulled that off on my car too. He’s a very talented tuner. It takes whole teams at MM to build tunes to this level of perfection and the stock tune is by no means perfect. My previous tune was only about 85% perfect.

    I am looking forward to your stuffed turbo and injectors, would be very interested to see how that goes.
    HaZ ·
    Hey Brett it was nice meeting you too, what an awesome event it was, thanks for organizing this.

    I really like your car where it is now, I think it's definitely what the car should have been from the factory. The only unusual thing I noticed is a slight power dip at around 4000-5000 rpm, but it only happened once and never again. I'm sure John will work it out being the perfectionist that he is. There's not much I can add beyond that; at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you're happy with it. I can tell you what I'm hoping to do: I'm hoping to add a splitter, wing (something bolder than GTC-200), and maybe a big, laggy turbo that gives you that "vtec just kicked in" feel. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will frown upon the latter two but this is my preference.

    We'll definitely have more opportunities to meet up down the road. There's a lot I need to sort out at home right now but once that's over with, I'll be looking to attend more events. Until next time!
    Christian Peehler ·
    Oh shoot,

    I didn't see this message for some reason. Do you have any shipping promotions running? I was thinking about ordering the intercooler and progress sway bars if I can get free shipping. I know that special was up last month or something, but all the parts weren't available.

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