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  • Motor-110 ·
    Hey DD. I see from your photos you and I have a white A124. I am having the seats currently redone with red leather inserts. In the outside, I will paint my calipers red and the only other red bit on the outside I will do is the horizontal red attachment across the lower portion of the grill. I believe that you have one. If so, where can I order one? I won't be doing the outside rear view mirror covers.

    You may recall I'm from your neck of the IE; I should be out your way in the next couple of weeks.

    Mike34 ·
    hi dan!

    The POC is :

    Allan Perkins
    Glyn Hopkin Online Shop
    e: [email protected]

    Nice guy.

    He also sent me a R&R guide. It helps but a little misleading.
    remove the passenger side sill first,
    then kick plate (one push connector)
    then the A pillar (set it on your dashboard)
    remove the 10mm bolt holding the dash in place.
    lift up and towards the back of the car and the dash pad comes out easy.
    The key is once you remove the A pillar you will fight with a small face plate that clips into the A pillar and hooks in to the dash (on the side towards the door). it removes easy too. But its confusing and looks daunting. I can't send a picture in this message format. sorry. Mike
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