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  • Wayne M. ·
    First, I LOVE MY FIAT 124 SPIDER! After driving my wife’s Fiat 850 when we met 45 years ago, driving an MGB, Mazda Miata, BMW Z-4 and Mini Cooper S Convertibles I think this is a great car for many reasons. These are, and had been, my primary means of transportation.
    I don’t understand or agree with so many “issues” discussed in this website. I wish I could understand why.
    I have just one question. How will the recall info on my dashboard on the “Mopar” Fiat website disappear? Is there something I need to do since the dealer has completed the recall?

    I’m glad to have someone to ask these questions of since call your customer service doesn’t have the answer.
    frankmar ·
    Hi Julie, if not mistaken you're working for FCA, can you fill us in what FCA plans to do with the 124 spider in Canada and USA. Rumors say the days are counted since we see no ADs or TV commercials re: the 124 spider.

    Plus the MX5 is getting more engine power in 2019 while the 124 has cosmetic changes.

    Here in Montreal, most FCA dealers have no Fiats in stock just selling what they have left in their inventory and are not replenishing. They sell through the catalogue.

    We would appreciate if you can fill in on the future of Fiat and 124 spider. Thank you
    Ttig30 ·
    Yes, Please I need all the help I can get with this car right now!!!

    This car has been a nightmare since the day I bought it, I am not sure what to do at this point. I can't sell it, because it is defective, it isn't fun to drive anymore because it is so unpredictable. It is is the shop right now because of the alarm issue, tomorrow will be the 5th day, I have no loner car or anything, so I am having to walk and barrow cars.

    Thomas Fry
    [email protected]
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