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Going to keep it simple and do a few simple mods for looks and convenience, a phase 1 tune, add big brakes, probably change out the wheels.
Just bought a used 2017 Abarth with 30,000 on it. Previous owner leased it in California, The car was in perfect condition.
State of fionia as of 2/12/2021
Hi there just needed your guys help with my Abarth 124 spider
Hey everyone, I am looking to swap my 1978 fiat 124 sport spider 1800, I love the car as is but its a little worn out so I figured ti was a perfect time to make her fast too!!!
Custom decals/stripes designed for the 124 Spider
2020 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth
Swapped the wheels on my Classica and retained the stock Yokohama tires
S Design now with red mirrors ?