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802 Metallic Red
Rare convertible, designed and manufactured by Pininfarina, derived from the Fiat 124 Spider, with 2 litre fuel injected engine and 5 speed gearbox. The FIAT 124 Spider was launched in 1966 with a innovative belt driven 1438cc twin cam engine, and over the 19 years that it was in production, close to 200,000 examples were produced, most of which were sold in the US and mainland Europe. The Spider was only ever produced in LHD form and never officially imported to the UK. Over the years the engine capacity increased to 2 litres with fuel injection. In 1982 when Fiat decided to phase out the Spider, Pininfarina took over the entire production. Pininfarina styled the original 124 Spider and up until that time had always manufactured the chassis and bodywork, with the bodies then being shipped across Turin for Fiat to install the mechanicals. From 1982-1985, the mechanicals (engine, drivertrain, gearbox) were shipped to Pininfarina for final assembly, and Pininfarina badges placed on the car. In the US, the Spider was renamed the "Azzurra" after the winning Italian entry for the America's Cup, and sales to Europe began again, where the car was now called the Pininfarina SpiderEuropa. The later Spiders had a revised centre console, more powerful brakes, and rack and pinion steering for the first time. The very last cars even had a small extra luggage compartment behind the front seats.

This car is one of only a handful from the final year of production (1985) imported by Dennis Hands (at that time a Nissan dealer in Basingstoke) and converted to RHD with a speedo reading up to 120 MPH and without US side marker lights but with the SpiderEuropa rear number plate style, and wheels that are unique to this final model. The car has an unusual history in that the previous owner bought the car new from Dennis Hands but sold it to his father who drove it in Italy where it was converted back to LHD, then it was returned to the original owner from whom I bought it in 1999. The car is still LHD, but I have the rare RHD steering rack, so it could very easily be converted back to RHD again.

The SpiderEuropa has been laid up for many years but does not need much work to get it going again, and with values rising in recent years, and a "new" 124 Spider sitting next to it in the garage, perhaps now is the time...
1985 Pininfarina SpiderEuropa (802 Metallic Red)



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