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124 spider abarth.
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  1. Intake And Exhaust
    Here's a clip of my car with the Ragazzon Straight Free Flowing Exhaust. I got it from 500 madness. It's not too loud in my opinion but my previous car was an 04 STI with a full exhaust system that was pretty loud so keep that in mind. I don't notice a drone at all under 3K. On decel on mostly...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    If I wanted to upgrade my wheels on an Abarth 124 model what offset would I have to go with if I was running a 17x8 or 18x7.5 inch wheel if I want to flush the wheel with the fender without rolling or adding negative camber? Also suggested tire size. It's not lowered yet but there's a...
1-2 of 2 Results