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  1. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Reading the threads on here and on Ameridan's page on battery replacement, and have narrowed my choices down to three batteries: Mopar BBQ85001AA - $255, weight?, 1-year warranty Autozone's Duralast Platinum AGM Battery Group Size 35 650 CCA - $239, 42 lbs, 3-year warranty Optima AGM Red Top...
  2. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider Issues And Problems
    Hi there as my title says my exhaust has begun to rattle, I'm not sure the cause maybe mounts just wondering if anyones had similar a problem and what their fix was, Thanks (link below (did not let me embed the link unsure why)
  3. Service And Maintenance
    Hi there my manual 124 is coming up to 34,000 miles and its in need of a service this month does anyone know what would be required? My last service i did usual oil change, pollen, air and oil filter but do I need to splash out on a transmission oil change or anything, just wanna keep it running...
  4. Wheels / Tires
    This is the OEM set of wheels and tires with TPMS and center caps off of my old 2019 Fiat 124 Abarth- car was traded in with an older spare set of wheels/tires I picked up so these are just taking up space in the garage. Used for a little over 5k miles, tires still in great shape with lots of...
  5. Pre-owned Fiat 124 Spider Vehicles For Sale
    Up for sale is a 1978 partially completed fiat project car. NEEDS WORK We have approx 10K invested so far. Below is what has been done and what is left to be done. Done: Rebuilt block, bored out 20 over, new cylinder head, painted valve covers, rebuilt transmission, New flywheel, new clutch...
  6. Road Adventures
    Good morning! I just joined this forum, and I was curious if anyone knew if there was any 2017 Fiat 124 Prima Edizione’s for sale anywhere in the country of the US. I am currently located in NH, but I’ve been looking around and I can find any. Thanks again for your help in advance!! Ian Vasquez
  7. 2017+ 124 Spider "How To" and DIY Tutorials
    what you need: vinyl wrap (mine is black, but you can do whatever color looks cool on your car!) double-sided tape (or any adhesive for car badges) fishing line or dental floss cleaning products and towels scissors xacto knife Step 1: Dewax, clean and dry the emblem before you start.
  8. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    As the weather thaws and I drive my Spider more regularly, I’ve been getting compliments from total strangers. Driving home yesterday, a young dude in a VW GTI rolls down his window to give me a thumbs up. When we line up next to each other he says “GORGEOUS CAR, SIR!” I am still trying to...
  9. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
    Hello!!! Just bought a new 2018 124 Abarth!! Love it!!!! Still learning about it.... but this is one fantastic vehicle! I find myself laughing and smiling when I drive it... and those that have one know what I'm talking about!!! Just joined the forum! HELLO FROM SYRACUSE NY!!!! Hello!!!
1-9 of 9 Results