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  1. Wheels / Tires
    This is the OEM set of wheels and tires with TPMS and center caps off of my old 2019 Fiat 124 Abarth- car was traded in with an older spare set of wheels/tires I picked up so these are just taking up space in the garage. Used for a little over 5k miles, tires still in great shape with lots of...
  2. Pre-owned Fiat 124 Spider Vehicles For Sale
    Up for sale is a 1978 partially completed fiat project car. NEEDS WORK We have approx 10K invested so far. Below is what has been done and what is left to be done. Done: Rebuilt block, bored out 20 over, new cylinder head, painted valve covers, rebuilt transmission, New flywheel, new clutch...
  3. Road Adventures
    Good morning! I just joined this forum, and I was curious if anyone knew if there was any 2017 Fiat 124 Prima Edizione’s for sale anywhere in the country of the US. I am currently located in NH, but I’ve been looking around and I can find any. Thanks again for your help in advance!! Ian Vasquez
  4. 2017+ 124 Spider "How To" and DIY Tutorials
    what you need: vinyl wrap (mine is black, but you can do whatever color looks cool on your car!) double-sided tape (or any adhesive for car badges) fishing line or dental floss cleaning products and towels scissors xacto knife Step 1: Dewax, clean and dry the emblem before you start.
  5. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    As the weather thaws and I drive my Spider more regularly, I’ve been getting compliments from total strangers. Driving home yesterday, a young dude in a VW GTI rolls down his window to give me a thumbs up. When we line up next to each other he says “GORGEOUS CAR, SIR!” I am still trying to...
  6. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
    Hello!!! Just bought a new 2018 124 Abarth!! Love it!!!! Still learning about it.... but this is one fantastic vehicle! I find myself laughing and smiling when I drive it... and those that have one know what I'm talking about!!! Just joined the forum! HELLO FROM SYRACUSE NY!!!! Hello!!!
1-6 of 6 Results