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  1. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else had gone this route. I have installed the OFW for the Mazda CMU for a few reasons since this is the path I have started I have no options to backtrack to the back to the Fiat/Abarth OFW. Today I installed the M OFW 74.00.230 NA. I have immediately noticed...
  2. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I have a new to me Abarth (<2mo) and last night someone in a truck backed into my car. (I hate trucks... I was parked about 2 car lengths behind because I never park near trucks.) Damage is minimal, but I would like it repaired. Anyone know I how I go about this? Is the damage so little...
  3. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider Photos and Videos
    After over 2 months waiting I finally had the local SpeedPro install some satin black 3M for my heritage stripe.
  4. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
  5. Brakes And Suspension
    Here's a video of the Vogtland lowering springs on my car I got mine from Eurocompulsion. So far I am really happy with them. Car is at the right ride height now in my opinion. Bumps are not a problem so far. I would definitely recommend them they ride a little better than stock in my opinion...
  6. Wheels And Tires
    Hey all, The dark rims on the Abarth are not for me -- I also think 17" is a little large for this car's size so I was thinking of going with something 16" (but maybe not) silver or a matte grey, maybe even a little retro and I had a crazy idea. I always loved the Alfa SZ-style phone dial rims...
  7. Abarth 124 Spider Discussions
    Abarth steering wheel badges will be available soon on Amazon. I was trying to order some and Abarth will only license to businesses. An Italian company - Quattroerre will produce and offer them in about 30 days. If you have ever seen the quality of their stickers, you will agree that they are...
  8. Exhaust
    Absolutely stunning exhaust system and to me it sounds great but my other half doesn't care for it. Lol!! It's designed for the Fiat 124 Abarth edition due to the twin tips on either side. The system literally has less than 500 miles on it and was professionally installed by a local muffler...
  9. 124 Spider Parts And Accessories For Sale
    Hi everyone! Trying to make room in the house need to move out these: 4 Abarth wheels, no TPMS, slight scratch from Discount Tire fixing a flat on a couple. Includes center caps Original steering column Original Abarth muffler (not RM) 2 RE 050 tires with no damage, only used 2500 miles Make me...
  10. Abarth 124 Spider Discussions
    Any reason to get an Abarth automatic with Brembos, Recaros, heritage stripe vs a Lusso Automatic with LEDs, Bose sound system, heated mirrors and seats, parking sensors and blind spot. Abarth is ~$36K and Lusso with discounts is $24K. Brain says Lusso but I have always loved Abarth.
  11. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    As the weather thaws and I drive my Spider more regularly, I’ve been getting compliments from total strangers. Driving home yesterday, a young dude in a VW GTI rolls down his window to give me a thumbs up. When we line up next to each other he says “GORGEOUS CAR, SIR!” I am still trying to...
  12. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    On March 15 it will be 1 year I took delivery of my Abarth. I used the Sport mode for the first time two days ago. OMFG!!! What a difference! Where have I been all this time...?
  13. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
    Hello!!! Just bought a new 2018 124 Abarth!! Love it!!!! Still learning about it.... but this is one fantastic vehicle! I find myself laughing and smiling when I drive it... and those that have one know what I'm talking about!!! Just joined the forum! HELLO FROM SYRACUSE NY!!!! Hello!!!
  14. Exterior and Interior
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at purchasing a 2018 Abarth. I'm in love with the mare blue, but haven't had much luck finding any in this color. The one that I have found has the factory painted heritage stripe installed, and I'm not sure how the black and blue will play out. Unfortunately, the...
1-14 of 18 Results