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  1. Exterior and Interior
    Hi all, I am in the process of 'rebadging' the debadging that the prior owner performed on my Abarth Spider. Specifically, I am reapplying the decklid '124 Spider' chrome logo. I'm wondering if anyone has done this or knows the exact specifications for where to place it, as the help I received...
  2. Abarth 124 Spider Discussions
    Abarth steering wheel badges will be available soon on Amazon. I was trying to order some and Abarth will only license to businesses. An Italian company - Quattroerre will produce and offer them in about 30 days. If you have ever seen the quality of their stickers, you will agree that they are...
  3. 2017+ 124 Spider "How To" and DIY Tutorials
    what you need: vinyl wrap (mine is black, but you can do whatever color looks cool on your car!) double-sided tape (or any adhesive for car badges) fishing line or dental floss cleaning products and towels scissors xacto knife Step 1: Dewax, clean and dry the emblem before you start.
1-3 of 3 Results