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  1. Brembos and Wilwood 12.88 Kit on the same car?

    Brakes And Suspension
    Was wondering if it is possible to fit the Brembos and Wilwood's on the same car. I have a Lusso with the stock single piston brakes on the front and rear at the moment. Had the Wilwood kit for a while sitting in the garage now and been meaning to find the time to fit it. I've come across a...
  2. 1980 Spyder 2000 Braking issues

    We have been having problems with the brakes loosing pressure after a while, even after repeated bleeding. I replaced the master cylinder and booster, and can't find any evidence of a leak in the lines anywhere. While the car is off, we can bleed the brakes until they are firm, but as soon as...
  3. Air trapped in the lines

    Brakes And Suspension
    Hello guys, I'm having troubles with my brakes. Pedal is not firm and I can see microscopic air bubbles when bleeding the lines. System was like that from the beginning one year ago. I've done the bleeding option 4 times and there is a small improvement but non substantial. Is there a way to...