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  1. Brembos and Wilwood 12.88 Kit on the same car?

    Brakes And Suspension
    Was wondering if it is possible to fit the Brembos and Wilwood's on the same car. I have a Lusso with the stock single piston brakes on the front and rear at the moment. Had the Wilwood kit for a while sitting in the garage now and been meaning to find the time to fit it. I've come across a...
  2. Need super help on lusso wheels and brembo brakes

    Wheels And Tires
    I cannot install the Lusso wheels on the brembo abarth brakes caliper. Is this normal ? Antefact: I have bought the abarth wheels since I d like them better than the Lusso one. I decided to use the stilish heavier abarth wheels for daily driving and the lighter lusso wheels for track ( note: in...