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  1. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I am looking at a 2017 Abarth in Florida and was curious if anyone local to it could check it out for me. I live up in NJ and just had a terrible experience with a dealer closer to me so right now my defenses are up a bit. I would really appreciate an unbiased set of eyes. I'm willing...
  2. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Hello! Glad to see these cars have an active website, I've graduated from University this year in the UK and managed to land myself a job straight off the bat (imagine that, these days). So I am looking for an upgrade. I have driven an 04 MG TF for the past 4/5 years and enjoyed it so much...
1-2 of 2 Results