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  1. Record Monza x Goodwin

    Intake And Exhaust
    Hey y'all, I'm looking for the right exhaust for me and I'm stuck between the Record Monza exhaust or the GWR Muffler delete. I have a 2018 Abarth and I want a bit more noise on it. I know GWR has the full cat-back that ups performance but I like the authentic Italian sound that Record Monza...
  2. Madness Monza Exhaust Video?

    Intake And Exhaust
    Anyone have a video or sound clip of the 'Monza Performance Exhaust' system from Madness? Thinking about buying, but would really like to give it a listen first. Cheers!
  3. Good-Win Racing Roadstersport Abarth Catback Exhaust Non-Resonated With Midpipe - $800

    Located in the Milwaukee, WI area. Not willing to ship. Am willing to drive a reasonable amount to meet up. This setup costs $1,500 brand new. Firm on price. Also have some other parts for sale locally in...
  4. For Sale: Auto Ricambi Resonated Stainless Axle Back Exhaust $275

    For sale is Auto Ricambi Resonated Stainless Axle Back Exhaust for $275. I've put about 4000 miles on this. It is installed on my Abarth. Perfect sound levels and looks great. Deep, throaty, No drone and comfortable when cruising. I'm taking a different direction with exhaust and mods...