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  1. Pre-owned Fiat 124 Spider Vehicles For Sale
    Hi there, Long time listener, first time caller. Bought this 1981 Anniversary 124 Spider, #199 of 1000 a while back. I then sold it to someone to complete the remodel. A friend contacted me saying that he saw my Fiat in the corner of a body shop. After talking with the body shop owner, I came...
  2. Road Adventures
    Off work today so went for a spin in God's Own Country (that's Yorkshire, England, to anyone that doesn't know) - here a few shots: Also applied a coat of Autoglym Ceramic Spray - can you tell?
  3. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I was just looking around for cars to buy as a daily driver + fun car to have. Decided to just go with one car to save up overall. I understand that this car isn't necessarily best daily driver with the lacking space and possible lack of comfortability, but I just could not pass by its...
  4. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
    Hi all, new member here. Here's my baby: Currently installed: +10hp Momentum GT Air Intake +25hp Magnaflow Cat Back Sport Exhaust +23hp aFe Power SCORCHER GT Module +5hp Diverter Valve + Blow off Adapter Plate 223bhp Carbon Fiber rear spoiler. Ordered and arriving soon: Carbon fiber front...
  5. Owner Check-In Area and New Member Introductions
    Hello to everyone from turkey I just bought my fiat 124 1 month ago and i am trying to convert to abarth since then. Before i start: 1)I am not native speaker and too lazy to look dictionary so i might have use wrongs words 2)We dont have abarth 124 in turkey even though i want to buy abarht...
  6. Road Adventures
    My new (sort of) cabrio was iching for a roadtrip. It turned out that I have to do some work in Berlin (Germany) and Szczecin (Poland) in the middle of my holiday. I live in Espoo (Finland) so this would form a nice roadtrip that I could also partially invoice on my job. The woman living in my...
1-6 of 7 Results