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  1. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider Issues And Problems
    Afternoon All! Just posting this to see if you guys can help me narrow down some possible causes of my symptoms below. I’m on EC Phase 1 with a V2 intake, GFB DV+ with TS BOA, turbo blanket, and non-resonated axle back. 2019 Abarth MT. *Rough idle (ODB reading a range from 780-735 rpm)...
  2. 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider Issues And Problems
    Hi all, I’m new to this forum but have found the information on here invaluable! Managed to change my own gearbox and rear diff oil because of this page! Introduction aside, only recently my fiat 124 spider lusso plus (I live in the UK) has been playing up when I put my foot down and reach...
1-2 of 2 Results