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  1. Dyno Day Tork Stage 1.5 vs Mostly Stock

    2017+ FIAT 124 Spider General Discussion Forum
    Current Power Mods: AFE Intake GWR Full Exhaust Tork Downpipe Tork Tune Stage 1.5 Tork Intercooler (Sorry I forgot about that initially) Original Power Mods: GWR Full Exhaust Overall I am very satisfied Really doesn’t have much to say I’ll be moving on wi my modification with the following...
  2. Used Ebay ECU vs ECU Clone For Tuning

    Turbo And Tuning
    Hello all I have recently purchased a new 2018 Classica with the intention of upgrading the car over time. As far as mods go it seems to me that flashing on a tune is one of the easiest ways to add power to the car. My concern is the talks about how the ECU records how many times that it has...