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  1. Breyton GTS-R 18x7 on Continental ECS 215/40

    Wheels And Tires
    I posted about getting this combo before, requesting if this setup would fit without rubbing. I couldn't find a definitive answer, but after hours of searching and learning that other combos with taller diameters worked, I took the chance. Good news, this set up fits without issue: Breyton GTS-R...
  2. Wheel Spacer Newbie

    Wheels And Tires
    Hello all, I just purchased a used 2017 124 classica (only has around 6500 miles on it) and it has the standard 16x6.5 wheels on it. I want to upgrade to a 17x7 aftermarket set and want to know the following. 1) I feel like I need wheel spacers, If I do, what size is good, I was thinking...
  3. For Sale: Lusso 17 inch OEM wheels $275 (LA area)

    Wheels / Tires
    For Sale: Lusso 17 inch OEM wheels $275 (LA area) will ship if shipping paid for. I will post pictures later.
  4. Need super help on lusso wheels and brembo brakes

    Wheels And Tires
    I cannot install the Lusso wheels on the brembo abarth brakes caliper. Is this normal ? Antefact: I have bought the abarth wheels since I d like them better than the Lusso one. I decided to use the stilish heavier abarth wheels for daily driving and the lighter lusso wheels for track ( note: in...
  5. For sale: Abarth wheels in perfect condition

    Wheels / Tires
    Hey guys, Now that I got a set of König Dekagrams I’m selling all four wheels from my Abarth. They have 5,000 miles on them and are in perfect shape. I’m asking $250 for all four. Local pickup only. I am in Bellingham, WA, which is 1 hr south from Vancouver, BC, and 1 hr north of Seattle...
  6. Selling 2017 Lusso Wheels with tires

    Wheels / Tires
    They have about 7k miles on them. Great condition. $400 OBO. Im located in downtown Los Angeles