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Personally I put looks higher than outright performance and to be honest I'm unlikely ever to drive even close to its limits.

The Mazda is very "now" in looks and will date very quickly in my opinion. The 124 offers a spirited drive and looks far classier both inside & out. It will also be far less common. I own an Alfa Giulietta with the 1.4 multiair in 170hp guise and I love it!

Again if I followed the motoring press I would be driving a vw/Audi. I had 3 Audi A3's before I bought the Giulietta and in the 4 years I've owned it I haven't regretted my purchase for an instant.

The 124 in lusso plus spec ticks all the boxes for me & i'm in no rush to buy it with winter coming, I will take my time and see what the score is when the initial dust settles. The best time to snag a deal on a 124 maybe mid winter?
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