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$1,995 for the Abarth black stripe !!

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well, this Car & driver review revealed the cost of the stripe...

The test car featured the optional ($1995), hand-painted (!) matte black hood and trunklid to give it more of a competition vibe, though it does inspire questions about how to wax the car.

I really liked the stripe, it looked so much meaner to me than a regular solid painted car... but not for $2K
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looks as if I'll be one of the select few to check the box. i think the car coming factory with the stripe, vs someone painting or wrapping the car, is of significance in itself.
what's the significance of the black parts? As someone else mentioned, it just looks like they like new parts were installed after a wreck and were waiting to be painted.

Wrap definitely the way to go. Looking at the abarth options, the only thing I absolutely would like would be the recaro seats.
i believe the stripe will add value down the road. it also is appealing too me, directly. much more so than any kind of vinyl, aftermarket paint, or sticker could ever be.

funny though, the seats are an option i will be skipping in favor of the red and black sport seats.

admittedly, however, both the seats and the stripe are overpriced.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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