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The screen and dash trim part is for a 2014-2016 Mazda 3. (BHP1611J0D). To fit the Spider you will have to swap your own dash trim part (the screen is the same). Note the screen has a little bit across the top that looks like the glue isn't holding, but when its turned on you can't see it without looking hard. It actually looks worse in the pictures than when its on. You should be able to zoom in and see what I mean. You can always use your own if you are buying this pair for the CMU like I did.

The CMU is compatible with Mazda and Fiat 124 Spiders (BJS7669C0K).

I bought this a few weeks ago to troubleshoot my own 124 that I couldn't figure out why when installing a new firmware I lost my AIO tweaks that are possible with this CMU. Comes to find out I had a bad USB stick. I was able to get my original CMU and this CMU upgraded with tweaks installed with the new USB stick. It has firmware 59.00.502 NA N installed with ID7 fix as well as some tweaks, like Speedometer, Headunit for Android Auto, AIO Tweaks. You of course can install your own tweaks.

The reason I chose 59.00.502 is because I originally was going to do the Android Auto retrofit kit. One thing that isn't published well is that Android Auto touchscreen does not work (Carplay works fine). So I downgraded to 59.00.502 and installed AA Tru_go 1.14b Headunit for Android Auto to use instead as the touchscreen works.

Message me with any questions
$299 to the 48 states. We can discuss shipping to anywhere else.

Search for the title on eBay and you can see more pics.


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