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Hey guys, just got home, have had a very busy weekend, but I made it to Westbury Alfa Romeo/Fiat to check out the 124 Spider in person and sit/touch it for the first time. I went with my VP of the club, I drove my NC and he brought his ND. Excuse me if this is not as formal as I planned, I will refine as the week progresses. I took a few photos, up close and personal of the vehicles they had. I will be uploading the photos and posting the imgur links.

As for my experience at the dealer, it is already known as a hit-or-miss dealer locally, but the salesman I spoke with was knowledgeable and very polite, walked me around the vehicle and we discussed things. The sales manager (I believe) was VERY fake and pulled the usual marketing lingo initially. I didn't mind it in the beginning, but later on, about halfway through our visit, she scolded the salesman who was assisting us and embarrassed him in front of us asking him "what is going on with these people?" (basically voicing his status on selling a vehicle or two with us) and told him to move onto people that wanted to buy a 500X. Beware of this woman if you go here. She is pure numbers.

No big deal, I planned on purchasing mine from another well-known historical dealer (in which the nice salesman was aware of and talked them up). When I go there, I will post up my experience with them.

Onto the cars! Oh boy, I was VERY excited to pull up to 9 roadsters on the lot, all different colors. The only color that was not there, was the "Bianca Perla Tri-Coat White"...which is my favorite color for this car I think (red comes close).

I've taken photos of various parts of the vehicles. There are a LOT of "M" and "Mopar" badges on everything. It seems there are more on this vehicle than my friend's 15' Challenger. Interesting to see.

One thing to note, they have two Prima Ediziones, #33 and #109.

Also, it appears the turbo used is a new design (fourth one since the 1.4T has been in the USA) I took photos of the ID tag on the Garret. The Classica and Lusso have the same turbo, it will be interesting to see if the Abarth has the same turbo as well.

View away!

Pictures of the colors, and the engine bay comparisons NC/ND/124.
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