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124 TV Advertisements

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Curious to know if anyone has seen any TV advertising of the 124?
I'm in UK where every 30 mins there is a funky 500 advert but I've yet to see any for the 124.
Loads of magazine write-ups but nothing on TV.
Had my Lusso for 4 wks and done best part of 1000mls and have yet to see another on the road, this with two local Fiat dealers within 15 mls. Seen numerous MX-5s who always do a double take!
Drove past one dealer and prime selling spot was again a 500!
Interesting to hear people having to wait 8 wks for a car which would imply that they are flying out the door and possible reason for not actively advertising.
I must have been lucky as I only waited 9 days for mine .... :D
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The remake with Viagra but using the 124 spider.
The remake with Viagra but using the 124 spider.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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