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124 vs Abarth Details Come to Light

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Word surfaced today that the 124 Spider and its Abarth counterpart will differ far more then was initially thought.

We always knew that FCA had plans for a hotter 124 Spider, what we didn't know was the scope. Thanks to Autocar how different the two will be is becoming clearer.

Foregoing the traditional Abarth facelifts, the hot 124 will actually gain its own distinct skin offering two totally different looks. Also of note Autocar reports that there will be no traces of the 500 design language in the new roadsters. The 124 will ape the original much like the current 500 takes its cues from the original.

The Abrath will also not make use of Alfa Romeos 1.75L 4 cylinder, FCA feels this engine should be distinct to Alfa. Instead Abarth is likely to bore and stroke the motor, perhaps to 2.0L.

Look for debuts later this year in LA.
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