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124's in Rome?

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Just arrived in Rome for 2 days. Anyone on the forum live around here with their 124?
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Tom they have Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and so on, you're looking for a Spider in Rome.
Enjoy the site seeing, plenty things to see. Oh yes I forgot, they have both spiders old and new. LOL
You have to go to Japan to see a 124, stick to the Ferrari's and such. Have a glass of vino for us
So far no 124's....
But a TON of 500's. Seriously. Everywhere.
And this...


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Tom stop looking at the cars, look at the beautiful women, the 500 you can see them here. LOL

Try to grab one of those 124 Steering wheel from a dealer.
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There's more than enough to see here of everything. Lol.
There's actually an Abarth dealer close to the hotel. Might stop in and take a peek. I love that they have actual Abarth dealers here.
I come back next week too so I don't have to squeeze it all in this trip.
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