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Fully exposed in Santa Barbara, California here is the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider!

Sharing bones with the new ND MX-5 Miata, Fiat adds their own distinct bodywork. Front and rear overhangs are both extended over its Japanese twin, while the styling swerves towards square and smooth to the ND's angular and aggressive.

Thankfully FCA has decided to break with the cartoonesqe 500 styling in favour of smaller sculpted headlamps, horizontal Maserati-ish tail lights all tied together by a design inspired by the original Pininfarina pen work.

Where the new Spider betrays its origins is inside the cockpit. The dash, centre console, infotainment stack and HVAC all have Mazda part numbers.

FCA is expected to replace Mazda's 155-hp 2.0L with two turbo's of their own. A 1.4T making 180 hp should be found in the base 124 Spider, with the Abarth getting a version Alfa 4C's 1.75T -perhaps stretched out to 2.0L- making 240 hp. Word has it the Abarth could only come with DCT.

Full reveal is expected at the 2015 LA Auto Show at the end of November.

Stay tuned!
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