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Fiat has released a video that is inspired by The Italian Job
to announce the special-edition Abarth with a teaser for the new Abarth 124. It's titled "The Real Italian Job: The Full Story".

The video shows three Fiat 500-based Abarth 595s that escape Turin, where the Abarth offices are, and invade London.

The video introduces a new Tricolore package for the 595. That limited edition appearance package is available only on models in red, white and dark blue, and adds titanium-finish 17-inch wheels, red brake calipers, black mirror caps, an exclusive steering wheel, and racing stripes. The video does not give any detail about performance.

The real money shot is the brief look at a teaser picture of what is most likely the Abarth 124. It's just a glimpse, so feel free to dissect it as much as humanly possible.
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