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I'm not quite sure what you would describe this as.. a short sleeve, long bodied pit crew shirt? A mechanic shirt? Have a look at the photos and determine for yourself. It's a black, heavily Abarth logo'd shirt that looks stunning.

It's new. Never been worn. Why? Easy answer. I ordered it custom made from overseas, and their interpretation of sizes is WAY different that normal. I normally wear a 2XL. They said they follow European sizes and for the North American market, to order two sizes larger. So I ordered a 4XL. Yikes.

But, when it arrived, I find it's way too small for me. My belief is that it is basically an XL sized shirt. So when I told the supplier this, they offered me two options. Send the first one back, and they'd send a replacement out to me. Or, I could keep the original and they'd credit me half the cost of it, and I could sell it to someone else locally. Given the shipping costs to return it, I opted to keep it, and thus I'm posting it here. Someone else can get to enjoy this shirt for a really decent cost.

It's black, with a red collar, red back shoulder piece, and red arm strips. Abarth name across the shoulder, a huge Abarth stitched logo on the back, smaller Abarth logos stitched on each sleeve and over the left front pocket. The name Abarth is stitched over the right front pocket. If you want to stand out in the crowd, and really display your pride in the brand, this shirt will do the trick!

The ask: $40 USD plus shipping costs to get it where you live.

If interested, PM me.

As an FYI, I ended up getting one sized as 5XL, and that fits me properly. So bizarre, but also the challenge of ordering clothing over the Internet.


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