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hanks for the link.

That’s a weird website. The Hella webpage took forever to load up; then I wasn’t able to navigate around. I guess “Noise” is to mean “Sound”? Either way I couldn’t hear a horn.

Hope their horns are built better than their webpage... :LOL:
Yeah - I agree - the website is a bit funky. It took a minute or so for it to load for me too. Once there, make sure the "Passenger Car" is highlighted in the top ribbon, then click left on the bottom ribbon until the Supertone horns are highlighted. Then at the bottom, click on the "HIGH + LOW" button. You should hear the horn sound.

Ifyou should decide to get them, you don't have to deal with their funky website. Lots of places carry the horns (Amazon ( HELLA 003399801 Supertone 12V High Tone / Low Tone Twin Horn Kit with Red Protective Grill, 2 Horns (3AG 003 399-801): Automotive ), JEGS (Hella 003399801: Supertone Horn Kit Voltage: 12V | JEGS ), etc.

Good luck!

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Your instructions are very clear, but I have no way of raising the car, and it rides too low to accomplish these tasks without a lift or jack stands. Two Fiat Studios flat out refused to install the horns, (2 Fiamm Trumpets with compressor). When I was at MADNESS Autoworks in Signal Hill, CA, they wanted over $300. to do an install. :mad: I took a pass on their suggestion. Do feel these horns are necessary for road safety purposes. What's next? Open for suggestions.
Installing air horns is a very easy update for even someone not very mechanically inclined as long as you are capable of changing a tire and very basic electrical
These instructions take for granted you know to use jack stands so you don't drop the car on yourself and other basic safety practices.
Remove the front driver side tire.
Remove the fender liner. Just a bunch of plastic push fasteners. Pop out the centers of the push fasteners using a pocket knife or small screw driver and out comes the rivets and the liners.
Once you remove the front fender liner, there is the low tone horn right in front of you.
Unbolt the factory horn and unplug the wire to the horn. (It is a positive/hot wire. Ground comes from being bolted to the car frame)
Look around the area where the original horn was mounted and towards the front of the car where the fog lights and turn signals are.
You will see all kind of nooks and crannies in which to fit the new air horns and compressor
You can very easily fabricate a bracket to mount the new air horns using the old horn mount and a couple of nuts and bolts
I'm not talking machine shop. I'm talking hammer and pliers.
Use the wire that was hooked to the horn to trigger the relay. Run the ground wire to something metal.
Run the power wire to the battery. Its all of 15 inches away straight up from where the factory horn was mounted.
You can leave the factory hi tone horn behind the front lower grill alone. The air horns will work fine and you won't even hear the old horn.
Replace the fender liner and wheel
Thats about it.
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