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Some say its to showy, I think it relates back to spiders in the 70's and 80's.
If all our 124 Spiders looked just like the other guy's 124 Spider would any of us be happy? A whole lot of folks posting about new wheels and lots of folks have posted about how fine their Spider looks since having had it ceramic coated and several have posted about having added a heritage stripe. And then there's been a fair amount of chatter about changing out headlights and various other illuminations points on one's Spider and none of this even begins to touch on engine mods let alone all the personal little mods we do to our beloved 124 Spiders.
Your car! You are the one that laid out the big bucks. You can do whatever makes YOU happy!

**And if you install side stripes and decide they're not for you ........ take 'em off.





These side stripes are from a German company, link below. I chose them because they don't have a spider or a scorpion nor do the say FIAT or 124 Spider. Be warned, they took a while to get and these folks are not the easiest to deal with.
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