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Anyone got any red paint?

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OK. Just purchased an aluminum Abarth. (color that is. It has the usual mix of aluminum and steel parts). Might have rather had red because I hear they are faster but this one had the manual transmission with Brembo brakes option and the Recaro seats and no other options. Those are the only two options I wanted, so I grabbed it. I was happy with the deal so I will promo the dealer by putting his link here. He has one more manual Abarth, 1 auto and a Classico.
A friend let me drive his 124 when I was a teenager and I always wanted one and based on my test drive, the new one is even more fun even without the walnut touches!
Too cool for school. I pick it up next week.
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You could always add some read accents yourself. :D
Got a head start with that red accent thing. The Brembo brake calipers are painted red. Now a red racing strip down the middle perhaps? Shouldn't be too hard.
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