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Auto shift knob removal

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Has anyone removed the automatic shift knob? I can't seem to figure out the trick.
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Perhaps this will help:

2016 - MX-5 - Transmission/Transaxle (should be similar)


1. Engage parking brake.
2. Perform the following procedure to remove the selector lever knob.
a. Shift the selector lever to the N range.
b. Insert the tool (width: 2 mm {0.08 in} or less, thickness: 1 mm {0.04 in} or less) on the rear side, as shown in the figure.
c. Lift the tool horizontally in the direction of arrow (1) shown in the figure and detach the tab, and then remove the lock release button cover in the direction of arrow (2).
d. Remove the spring.
e. Remove the selector lever knob.

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I'll do a page for it on my blog, although my articles aren't in any particular order either ;)

evospider, can you add a photo or some details as to what you replaced the knob with? I'm assuming that is why you wanted to remove the OEM knob.
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This is from the Spider service manual:


1.Dislodge the trim (1) on gear lever grip.

2.Work on the retaining clip (2), then remove the gear lever grip.

1.Place the gear lever in its housing and engage the retaining clip (1).

2.Fit the trim on the gear lever grip (2).

(I realize this is pretty sketchy, but this is what you get.)
Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't seen your post before, but I'm going to substitute your illustration to my article Removing the (Automatic) shift knob, so that it is helpful for others in the future.
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