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I can only speak of the AFE

I know AFE makes dry( non oiled filter) But BMC do they make dry as well.

Which is better, Madness has BMC for $89 while Eurocomp has the AFE for 59.

Quality wise which is better and are they life time or need to be replaced after so many miles. tia
Since I run it in both my 2015 50th Anniversary Mustang and my 124 Fiat. It is top quality, lifetime filter. I use the dry, non oil filter. At every oil change, (5,000 miles) , I remove and clean by dunking in a five gallon bucket of warm water and Dawn Dish Liquid, then rinse with warm water in the kitchen ( when wife is not around!!LOL). Let dry overnight near a/c retun in the house. :):)
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