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Does anyone know how different are the attachemnts of the calipers in the 2 configs?
From pics seems the base are floating calipers and the brembo are fixed?
Was thinking to buy the base version and then buy brembo brakes separately...

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Caliper bosses the same. So, you could add the Brembo later.

And, you could consider our 4 piston and 6 piston caliper conversions...and save both money and a lot more weight compared to Brembo setup (which translates into noticeably better ride quality because that's unsprung weight).

Six Piston Caliper:

Four Piston Caliper and Two Piece Rotors (Max Weight Savings).

Lots more detail at this LINK

Picture showing off our front AND rear Caliper Conversions

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Four Piston Caliper and Two Piece Rotors (Max Weight Savings).[/IMG]
I have been looking at the Goodwin maxed out light weight setup because it could save ~32 pounds of unsprung weight if you did all four corners...

Other than cost :) my main concern is that the light weight rotors might fade faster than stock. Anyone have some experience with this setup? The car will not get tracked, just lots of fast (ok - very fast) bumpy farm roads and street use.
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