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Car cover

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Does anyone use the 124 outdoor car cover from Mopar? Lists for $127, which is a pretty good deal, imo. Says it's water resistant, etc. What's been your experience?
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I thought I would bump this old thread for new updated Spiders.
Anyone have advice on obtaining a 2019 Abarth cover?
Actually after pricing a few that is a good deal.
I think i may roll it!
Man, i love this forum so much great info and good peeps!
Kudos @Mike34
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Good morning @Mike34 they were out of stock on that one so I went with the Ultratec -in blue.
Their site is a bit hokey on checking on your order but I figure it is all on the up and up.
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In the meantime my old MX5 Cover works for about 75% of the car.

It is kind of odd that I didnt get an email or anything so far for the order. I see that they billed my credit card. @Mike34 did it take awhile for them to send you any kind of acknowledgement that they got your order?
received my Covercraft Ultratec car cover today with my carrying case (purchased seperatley)
Really impressed so far. It looks sturdy and well made with a extra extension for antenna that my old MX5 cover did not have so i had to remove it each time.
I think i am going to like it!
Review coming as I use it....
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Greetings @Mike34 et al,

Finally had a chance to test the new cover in a rain storm last night. I have either had the car in a garage or just the cover off in the few storms we have had latley. I am disappointed to report that this cover did not stop water from permeating in. I was expecting a bit more from a $300 cover actually. So i defintley would not recommend this to be left on after a rain. When i removed it you could see the dirt ridged up on the what hood -surely would be damaging if cover was left on. Pretty much acted like my old $120 MX5 cover. Also something to keep in mind is after a rain you will need to dry this puppy out before putting it back in the trunk to prevent possible mildew. I have mine hanging off my rear view mirror now at work out in the parking lot :)
Anyhow to summarize. A pretty good cover that fits well and I love the blue it looks great. Also good to keep off the daily dirt, sun and grime. However, i would def not leave it on after a rain. To be honest i dont know if there is a cover that will block out rain and moisture so there is that.
Ride on!
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yeah might be a good idea to leave in place. I had to go to work though. I have to get those galloping dollars to pay for this sweet car! :)
Also i would be concerned about the dirt and the car cover rubbing on the paint.
anyhow -thanks for replying and hope all is well in the islands!
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Hey @Mike34 I had some birds drop their cargo last night on my car cover! This brave cover took the punishment so my paint would live on! :)
My question is- can i wash this Carcraft car cover in the washer on low and tumble air dry?
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