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Something I've noticed with all the UK 124 reviews is that when they compare the 124 and MX5-

Price and economy they use the 1.5 litre Mazda.

Performance they use the 2 litre Mazda.

Therefore implying that the Fiat is thirstier, more expensive and slightly slower...

In reality, yes it's thirstier and more expensive but way faster than the 1.5 and slightly cheaper and slower than the 2 litre but more economical.

So comparing apples and apples there's nothing in it.
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That's the Abarth 124 though. The UK Fiat 124 has 138 bhp so that's the one they use in the comparisons because they don't want it to look like you can buy a faster Fiat than a Mazda. It's slightly slower than the 2 litre Mazda (couple of tenths to 60 and 5mph-ish top speed) but it is more economical.

I noticed that when the Top Gear TV tested it they used the Abarth version so they could tell everyone that it's way more expensive than the MX5 but crucially didn't happen to mention that performance-wise it's in a different league to the MX5!

Ho hum!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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