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Cold Starting

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Just bought an Abarth with manual transmission and Brembo brakes and Recaro seats. It came with the aluminum color. I will pick it up next week so in the meantime I downloaded the owner's manual.
In the manual I read where you cannot start the car if the temperature outside is too cold!
the ECM will not allow the car to even turn over if the temperature is too low. The manual did not state the temperature and I am assuming it is a pretty low set point, but I still found that curious when they offer options that include outside heated mirrors.;) Hate to go to lunch and find out that is was so cold I would have to walk home and come back and get the car in the spring. :D Is this downloaded manual correct? If so does anyone know what this low temperature is?
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Minnesotans may need to be concerned. :( No problem here. Never goes below freezing. :)
Read in other Fiat/Abarth forums that it's -30°C.
Read in other Fiat/Abarth forums that it's -30°C.
Thanks! Where I live it does sometimes get that cold, but infrequently and this not being my only transportation I expect the Abarth will be warm and comfy back in my garage on those days.
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Not many places will see -30°C temperatures and even then it's a rare occurrence. Unless you live at the tip of Canada, then that's a different scenario.
Hmmm.... at -30 I might even have to leave the top up. I guess there isn't any point in taking it out when it's that cold, anyway.
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Well it got below -22F (-30C) in Cleveland a few nights last winter. I think the interlock is a good idea. I had to start one of my other cars on those mornings and the groaning and scraping and struggling noises that came out of that car were enough to make you weep.
Wouldn't want to do that to the Abarth.
Would adding a block heater help ?
Yes. Apparently at one stage 500's in Canada could be optioned with them as an OEM fitment. Don't quote me on that, just read it commented elsewhere.

Edit: Here it is...
Alfa Romeo Giulia requires an engine block heater for starts below -30C.
I'm speculating that the car won't be allowed to start at -30C / -22F due to a temp sensor reading, so if a block heater was installed and operating it would raise the temp up to a level at which the car would start. I think... thank God, not something I have to worry about with the Spider, as it sleeps quietly under it's winter blanket in the garage. But here in Calgary, we typically get a couple of weeks in February where the temps get that low, and thankfully, once again, an insulated garage comes to the rescue. Still cold, but not as bad as if it was parked on the street overnight. Then it's like climbing inside an ice cave and doing the square wheel drive thing for the first few minutes (for those of you fortunate to live in warmer climates, what I'm talking about is that the tires pretty much freeze and retain the flat spot from where they've been sitting on the pavement, and they remain pretty inflexible for the first few minutes of driving... so every tire revolution presents that flat spot and you get the thump thump thump thump experience till they warm up and round out again. lol
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I can remember my dad putting a methylated spirit burner under the sump of the Wolseley we had. This was back in the sixties and the winters were cold in the UK then.
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