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Hello all. Wanted to ask about cleaning products and tips when self detailing my classica. I don’t have anything at the moment since I always took my old car to an auto wash. Looking to pick up quality wash and interior cleaner, as well as maybe some little brushes to clean the buttons and such. Any tips on cleaning the soft top? I have noticed hand prints where I push it open more than any other dirty areas. Any recommendations or tips would be appreciated. Things available on Amazon would be preferred.
First, regardless of or maybe in spite of any and all recommendations you might get you're more than likely gonna end up using what actually works for you. And let's be honest, no matter how good any product may or may not be if it's not readily available to you here is the states at a reasonable price then .........
Save you $$$$. Ceramic and graphene coatings sound good but in the long run their true value is questionable. I say this from experience having spent the $$$$ to have my truck ceramic coated. If I had a do over I'd pass.

What color is your car? My Abarth is black (I also use the same on my red Chevrolet truck) so here's a quick list:
Turtle Wax Jet Black, used every 5th or 6th detailing, apply w/ microfiber applicator, buff with microfiber towel
3D Final Touch #403 (Detailing Wax), easy to use and used often, available on Amazon, apply w/ microfiber applicator, buff with microfiber towel
Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Car Wax, easy to use, excellent cleaning, adds paste wax protection, apply w/ microfiber applicator, buff with microfiber towel
Nu Finish Scratch Doctor (scratch remover), be patient, light/moderate pressure, it works
Special Surfaces S100 Cleaner/Polish (for motorcycles), for plastics but works well on all surfaces
Bugslide (again a motorcycle related product), take the bugs off while they're fresh, pricey but it works well
Black Magic Tire Wet
Meguiar's Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner/Protectant, used regularly on leather seats and interior vinyl trim
Dust and vacuum regularly like your home
Griot's Garage 11408 Cotton Car Duster, available on Amazon, used almost daily
A few old tooth brushes, a supply of tooth picks, a couple of good/small paint brushes
Some lighter fluid and/or mineral spirits for spot cleaning tough/greasy spots
Oops! Almost forgot.
For the top I use the RaggTop Brazilian Hardwood Nylex Bristled cleaning brush when washing my car and I treat the top with RaggTop Convertible top Treatment for Cloth Tops, both available on Amazon. Vacuum regularly/often

Stay away from mechanical car washes!

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