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Hello all. Wanted to ask about cleaning products and tips when self detailing my classica. I don’t have anything at the moment since I always took my old car to an auto wash. Looking to pick up quality wash and interior cleaner, as well as maybe some little brushes to clean the buttons and such. Any tips on cleaning the soft top? I have noticed hand prints where I push it open more than any other dirty areas. Any recommendations or tips would be appreciated. Things available on Amazon would be preferred.
Thankfully you have a few really good options to choose from and what has been working well for me so far is pairing all these great cleaning products with the appropriate protection just to make it easier the next time I clean and also help keep everything looking new.
A good clay bar for the paint has been an invaluable tool for me as well, and I've even gone as far as putting a couple coats of wax on the underside of the trunk, door jambs and hood just to make it easier when I clean these painted areas.
I also keep a small and well secured detailing kit in the trunk just in case something happens on the road, luck favors the prepared!
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