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Door Panel Removal

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Does anyone know how to remove the passenger door panel on a 2017 124 Spider Abarth? Need to pop a dent that happen the first day we brought the car home. Thank you in advance. Any diagrams available?
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This Could help if the door cards same as MX-5.
Thank you Chaddy for the link. The 124 is a little different. So I got brave and performed the following to remove the passenger door panel:
Removal time about 5 minutes.....
1. Using a plastic tool trim tool, pop off the small plastic panel behind the lock/unlock lever exposing a single screw.
2. Remove the lock/unlock screw
3. Using a plastic trim tool, pop off the silver door handle cover to expose two screws, I used a plastic hook tool starting at the lower part of the handle.
4. Remove the two screws holding the handle to the door frame
5. Starting at the bottom of the panel using a trim tool remove gently pull the panel away from the frame
6. Use the trim tool to remove disconnect the white plastic push fasteners located around the perimeter of the panel
7. Note the rubber gasket does not need to be removed.
8. The panel is now free to be lifted upward and away from the door frame
9. Disconnect the door speaker harness, window switch harness, and door lock switch harness
10. Remove the door lock lever assembly by turning it from the rectangular opening
11. End
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And how did the dingectomy go?
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