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Weather was nice enough to take out my spider, sunny and in the 60's. First stop was to get my inspection sticker, which was a bit worrisome as I opted to not put on my front tag, so I had my BS story all planned out. They never even noticed as I kept the banter going. I was told that Alfa Romeo has come a long way by the attendant! Lol.

I drove off not to return for 5 years. Headed over to fuel up and pulled up to the pump(Top Tier 93 Octane) and this particular station also leases out space to a sub shop. I look over and the owner came out looking at my car. She asked what it was, was it fast, commented on how beautiful it was and asked to drive it as her and her husband were into cars. Totally lost my mojo after that last bit of info as I told her no, lol.

There were a lot of vettes, miatas, bikes, and other nice weather cars out yesterday and got some thumbs up from miata drivers passing in the opposite direction, who recognized what it was. It was a beautiful day, top down, stereo blasting, occasionally muting it to hear the exhaust if I was getting on it.

So, is it fast, not really, my EVO is fast, is the stereo the best, probably not, but it sounded great yesterday, is it the most comfortable car, no, I am 6' and have to maneuver my way in and out, but it sure is fun. Looking forward many more days like yesterday.
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