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Ever seen one of these?

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Having a Fiat is causing me to stumble on things I might not have otherwise discovered.

I saw this just now. Now this is a pretty car.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Car
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Yes, have seen Fiat Dino Spiders in the past - at NY Auto Show years and years ago as a new car, and I'm thinking I saw one for sale years ago at the Carriage House in Greenwich CT. a number of years back (may have been one of the other boutique dealers I used to visit). Very beautiful Pininfarina Fiat Spider with a Ferrari V-6 engine. Damn, I wish like hell Fiat would continue to send special cars like this to the US and rest of the world too! s. PS: there was an article in a recent Forza Magazine about the four cars that used the Dino V6 engine: the Ferrari Dino 206/246, the Lancia Stratos, and the two Fiat Dinos - Coupe and Spider.
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