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Recently swapped in Abarth Bilstein shocks and Flyin' Miata springs and now I'm left with the stock Tokico shocks and stock springs (which I understand are the same as with the Abarth too). They worked fine before removal, but they've got ~40k miles on them, and as I started cleaning up one of them to list here, I'm noticing a fair amount of surface rust, so I'm questioning whether anyone here would even be interested in a set -- I live in Minneapolis (meaning nowhere near most members for a local sale) and shipping alone would be $50+. I also don't have any hardware available for it, just the bare shocks and springs.

So... posting here to see if anyone here would be interested in the set of shocks and springs before I toss them. $50 plus cost of shipping (meaning ~$100-120 total)? Anything less and I'm not sure if it's worth the time and effort to clean them up, box them up, deal with shipping a huge and heavy box, etc. I do also have a second set of stock springs with ~1500 miles on them (they came with the Bilstein's), although not sure how useful two sets of stock springs is with one set of stock shocks.

Also, not worthwhile enough for me to make another feeler topic in another section given probably even less interest, but I also have a stock muffler off my 2017 Classica -- also ~40k miles, and also a fair amount of surface rust, and the midpipe mounting will require drilling through the current bolts to use new ones (I made a bit of a mess dremeling off the nuts / bolts to remove it). Same thing, $50 plus cost of shipping (although I'm not sure I even have a box big enough to fit it / how I'd ship it). Probably going to be tossed too if no interest.
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