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Fun Autocross in the Fiat yesterday! Fastest thing with doors at the Kickoff 2020 Season event, beat every Porsche, Corvette, Lotus, Miata, etc....despite 3 year old tires on the car which were the only tires I had handy at the last moment to toss on after the NC gen Miata I was going to run at the event had mechanical issue at the event. I was not too bummed because I was itching to try the Fiat with new rear spoiler, which helped a lot. I have not updated the threads for this car in a while, here is what is on the car now, click the links for more details:

One of our Complete Exhaust Systems for Fiat 124 (Crosspipe, Resonated Midpipe, Muffler Delete).
Ohlins Coilovers
Karcepts front and Karcepts rear Sways
Wilwood Dynalite Front 12.19" Big Brake Brake Kit
OSGiken Superlock LSD for Fiat 124
Blackbird Rear Adjustable Spoiler (Prototype, cranked up to max AOA here for autocross)
APR front Splitter
LIGHT 17x9 Flow Formed Wheels with 245/40
Tork Tune (E85)
Stuffed Turbo from NGEN
Go Fast Bits DV+ Diverter Valve
RoadsterSport Ultra Light Battery MOUNTING KIT
Blackbird Fabworx ND RZ Roll Bar
RoadsterSport 4 Piece Complete Fiat 124 Underbody Ultralight Aluminum Brace Kit

That's mostly complete, a few other prototype bits on the car including cooling scoop for fins of the engine oil pan, big shift knob we are having fun with, and more. Full build thread in our home forum CLICK HERE. I am going to work on getting 17x10 under the stock fenders, custom offset with no more tire than we are doing now. We make a 17x10 for NC Miata racing which is 5x114, got the factory making me an undrilled set we can custom machine for offset and 4x100. Same 245/45 tire that is pretty fast on 17x9 as you see here will be at least another second faster spread on 17x10.

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