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Great weekend of Fiata vs Miata Battle at Willow Springs Raceway!

It is shaping up to be an epic battle between these cars, they share the strength of a great chassis and yet each flavor has strengths and weaknesses. Ryan Passey and I took turns with each car and matched times in the Fiat which was just a tick ahead of the Miata on this day, but the tires on the Fiat were more fresh...the one flaw in our testing on this day which was more about making sure the cars are each well balanced and ready for Grassroots MotorSports Magazine to do a shootout on fresh Rival 1.5 tires in two weeks!

Cars were otherwise as identical as we could make them. Our Ohlins coilovers with springs rates 9kg front, 5kg rear on both, our Progress Sway bars on both, our 17x9 6UL wheels on both, Rival S 245/40 tires on both. Each car sporting our full exhaust systems. Fiat has our highflow 2.5 inch Crosspipe and Midpipe, muffler prototype highflow converter. Miata has our longtube race header and one of our 2.5 inch highflow mufflers. Heights are the same, alignments are the same, etc. Miata has a tuned ECU, Fiat has Madness piggyback. Same Blackbird upgraded roll protection in each, same Good-Win decals (good for 5hp. :wink: )

Despite the extraordinary efforts to match the setups.... the feel is still very different, and not talking about just the motors. The extra half a foot of length beyond the wheelbase front and rear of the Fiat and the extra weight of the fiat in the nose means the polar moment is not as low...and you feel the difference when you jump from seat of one to the other. But turbo thrust out of the corners also obvious...and helpful to rotate the car into the front straight, etc Two weeks to wait for the shootout on equal tires!

On Track Pics Courtesy CaliPhotography. Skidpad pic by Brian Goodwin
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