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Abarth 124 Spider, 2020, complete with manual transmission
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When I bought mine, I was a little concerned about the ergonomics of this car for long trips (I am 1.85m tall) - but I was decided to sacrifice it in name of the fun. It surprised me positively, especially after my recent road-trip to the Rockies (about 2.500 km) - even after hours driving I felt great!

Today I have just arrived after driving since yesterday about 500 km in some winding roads in the mountainous areas, and I do not feel exhausted at all.

I had plenty of shorter trips in cars that are ”ergonomic”, “spacious”, “grand tourers”, etc., which got me exhausted and with several muscle pains.

As long as I stay in the driver’s seat, the pleasure is guaranteed. It does not matter if straight-line highways to enjoy the speed, or the small winding roads to enjoy the cornering.

On the passengers seat on the other hand, it sucks (especially with the Abarth’s suspension - which is great when you’re driving, not that great when you’re chilling as a passenger - in my personal opinion). In a short trip of 400 km which a friend of mine drove about 30-40% of the time, even with longer breaks, did cause me some muscle strains.
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