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I had a screw in my tire today so I used the sealant repair kit (which I believe is a Mazda kit) to repair it. It worked well; once I figured out where to plug in the air compressor. I couldn't find the accessory plug (like a cigarette lighter socket) until a friend of mine crawled under the passenger side and there it was - way up to the left almost under the dash. Now I have to get a new sealant repair kit (at least the bottle with the sealant). I've heard you can use ones from Autozone (slime?) as a new one is over $100. There is one on E-bay for about $80. Anyway, I couldn't find in the Owners Manual where it showed the accessory plug - did I just miss it; or is it really in there? I love the car - driving it is a blast. Base model red - NO options whatsoever - the way it should be!
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