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FOR SALE - LIKE NEW OEM Stock Abarth Spider Exhaust System

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FOR SALE - OEM Stock Abarth Spider Exhaust System
Like new! Uninstalled from a brand new abarth spider. Less than 40 miles on the exhaust! Mopar store sells for $800. Asking $249. Local pickup only (NYC, Tri-state area). PM me if interested. See pics below.


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HOLY WAH! A deal to be sure.
I'd buy it but then I'd be $249 light and own 2 stock Abarth axle back exhausts I don't know what to do with, so I guess I'll politely pass.
I'm interested, but anyone have success fitting this on a Classica or Lusso?
Should bolt right on and fit fine. How does it sound compared to a quiet Classica muffler?

The Lusso and Classica both have a center resonator that the Abarth doesn't have. Because of that you won't get an improvement only swapping the axle back.
Sound should be the same as a Classic or Lusso stock exhaust. The Abarth gets the extra sound from the mid-pipe - no resonator on the Abarth, resonator on the Classic and Lusso.
- Later Abarths got the Record Monza

Definitely fits as well - the pipes will fill out the space nicely and look much sharper - and is a bolt on, straight forward replacement. Should be about an hour from start to finish if it’s your first time.

I got the exhaust tool below as I had never done an exhaust before. That plus some long sockets make quick work of the job.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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