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Let's get one thing straight. If you're not planning on making any horsepower down the line then you don't need more than an axleback if all you're aiming for is appearance and sound. I do plan on making more power but not for a while. After hours of research, autoricambi's proprietary exhaust fits all the checkmarks for me listed below:

• reduce the weight of OEM exhaust by half
• nice low rumbly sound none of that wannabe hellcat noise
• sexy tips

Since I practically live next to their warehouse & office I placed a call ahead of time and ordered for pickup. Staff was nice and pretty fast even during lunch. They had it ready for me in under an hour. They also have a pretty sick classic fiat 595 perched out front.
Plant Sky Property Asphalt Residential area
Brown Cabinetry Kitchen sink Countertop Property

Installation was a breeze especially with the help of my dad who has done exhaust work plenty of times. Only thing I would watch out for is STAY CLEAR OF WD-40. That shart will destroy your rubber. Use silicon spray or even some soapy water. They sell tools to help with removing the original exhaust from the hangers as well. When screwing on your new pipes be wary of power tools as you could squish the gasket pretty easily leaving you with a not so nice exhaust leak. Below I have some video shot on a potato showing before and after installation.

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