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This post is for those that are considering a Garmin Dash Cam, or those that have purchased one but have yet to install.

There are a number of advantages to using an alternate mount system they call: Portable Friction Mount. I call it a "bean bag" mount. I have used Garmin products for 19 years, and have enjoyed their quality and functionality. I located a previous Portable Friction Mount from a prior Garmin GPS install. Garmin specifically points out that when you are using the windshield mount system supplied with their Dash Cam, it is next to impossible to remove.

The alternate mount system (Portable Friction Mount) has these advantages. It is much easier to install the Custom Sunscreen without that device stuck to the windshield. Additionally, by removing the 12V line from the alternate mount system, you can easily take the Dash Cam to your computer to view the recorded videos, upgrade the software, or recharge the installed battery.

The pictures below illustrate the items mentioned in the above paragraphs. This Garmin Dash Cam was a Father's Day gift from my two daughters. :)


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