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Good-Win Racing Fiat 124 DYNO DAY!

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Fiat 124 Dyno Day ONE.

Time to answer a few basic questions including:

1. Baseline Power at the Wheels for MANUAL Trans Fiat124
2. Does change of muffler help?
3. How does Fiat124 compare to Abarth500 with same motor?
4. How does Fiat124 compare to ND Miata on same dyno?

Does muffler change add power? Yes, we hacked up a RoadsterSport Race muffler to make it fit the cutout of the Fiat just to get a test done, this muffler is effectively just a 2.5 inch straight pipe. Muffler adds about 5HP and 11 Ft/lbs Torque.

Fiat 124 BASELINE POWER...145 HP, 169 Ft/lbs torque.
Fiat 124 Change MUFFLER.....150HP, 180 Ft/lbs torque.

Comparison STOCK FIAT with stock muffler to STOCK ND Miata with stock muffler. This really drives home the comparison that the Fiat makes a lot more power under the curve and yet it is slower in all magazine 0-60 tests....figure a mix of factors including a bit of extra weight, gearing, lower redline, etc.

Fiat 124 with stock muffler, Fiat Abarth500 with stock muffler and SPORT button engaged.

Fiat500 Abarth with Sport button ON/OFF. Curious if Abarth124 gets a difference this big, Sport button helps the party get started earlier. From driving the Fiat124Abarth at the Press Intro day my guess is that we see something similar between normal 124 and Abarth124.
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I have read all the post about Brian's car and the EDL piggyback addition. Brian or Greg can correct me and it will not hurt my feelings at all. It appears Brian's testing was done with his full exhaust in place. That exhaust system already produced a little over 200 ft-lbs and 160 hp on the dyno. And those numbers could have been low due to the ECU pulling power up at the top end due to the front wheels not spinning. Those are outstanding gains for an exhaust. Obviously a tremendous amount of restriction in that crossover pipe. Now there is only so much hp/torque to be gained from flow through this motor. You can either increase that flow by pushing harder(more boost like the EDL) or less restriction (GWR full exhaust). Once maxed out there is no more. I believe that the EDL did not produce the advertised gains on Brian's full exhaust car because it was already close to max flow with his exhaust in place. Which will most likely mean that I will not see Brian's advertised exhaust gains if I am already running an EDL piggyback. This is just my take after reading all the threads.
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